Successful events are planned with feeling. We can produce inventive content, great concepts and sound delivery for corporate events. By placing food at the heart of the event, you can create a strong sense of togetherness. Eating together promotes a sense of caring and respect. These productive events are in our bloodstream.

We create events around food and eating throughout the year. These events are great meeting places for companies and food enthusiasts.


Upcoming events

Food & Talk 2018
May 18, 2018

Food & Art 2018
August 23–25, 2018

Previous events

Food & Art
2017: Chefs from European museum restaurants
2016: Top chefs from around the world
2015: Wonderful female chefs in Mänttä
2014: Nordic chefs

Food & Talk

2016: A Couple of Little Things

2016: Heritage in Salo