Resepti: Pekka Terävän karitsapata




600 g Karitsan niskaa
1000 g kanalientä
200 g shalottisipulia
50 g valkosipulia
2 oksaa timjamia
300 g valkoviiniä
300 g punaista port-viiniä
200 g tatteja
Suolaa, mustapippuria, voita

Kuutioi karitsan niska ja leikkaa shalotti kuutioksi. Paahda karitsan niskaan hyvät pinnat, lisää kuutioitu shalotti, valkosipuli ja timjami. Jatka sekoittaen noin 10 min. Lisää viini ja redusoi kuivaksi. Lisää kanaliemi ja hauduta kypsäksi.

Nosta lihat pois ja keitä liemestä glasée, jonka parannat voilla. Lisää lihat ja mausta suolalla ja mustapippurilla. Lisää lopuksi vielä voissa paistettuja tattikuutioita sekä ruohosipulia.



800 g juuriselleriä
Suolaa ja virgino rypsiöljyä

Mausta sellerit suolalla ja rypsiöljyllä. Kääri folioon ja kypsennä uunissa 200-asteessa kypsiksi. Revi selleri ja friteeraa rapeaksi.



200 g juuriselleriä
1-2-3 lientä (100 g etikkaa, 200 g sokeria, 300 g vettä, kiehauta)

Kuori selleri ja leikkaa mandoliinilla levyksi, josta voit stanssilla leikata haluamasi kokoisia kiekkoja. Vakumoi 1-2-3 liemen kanssa.



150 g varsiselleriä
150 g  Granny Smith -omenaa
100 g saksanpähkinä
Suolaa ja sokeria
Sitruunamehua sekä omenamehua
Persiljaa ja virgino-rypsiöljyä

Kuori varsiselleri ja leikkaa suikaleiksi. Vakumoi suolan ja sitruunamehun kanssa. Tee sama omenan kanssa, mutta lisää joukkoon hieman omenamehua.

Paahda saksanpähkinät voissa kullanrukeiksi ja mausta suolalla. Rouhi karkeaksi veitsellä. Sekoita aineksista salaatti ja lisää myös mukaan hieman hakattua lehtipersiljaa. Mausta suolalla ja rypsiöljyllä.

A group of restaurant and event business veterans launched a new business — starting with a premium catering service

What happens when four experienced restaurateurs and events professionals put their heads together? The opportunity to order a world-class eating experience with a top-drawer chef – even in your own living room.

“It’s great to be a start-up entrepreneur in your fifties and try to create something new in an environment where a lot of people have a pessimistic view of the future,” says Riikka Kannas, managing director of the newly-launched Food Camp Finland.

Food Camp Finland is a new kind of business, a multi-enterprise in the field of catering with strong growth in its sights. It was founded by restaurateurs Pekka Terävä and Petri Lukkarinen and events professionals Riikka Kannas and Ani Ruuskanen. By combining their expertise, the foursome is seeking to break down the traditional boundaries of their industries to create a new kind of business.

“For all of us, eating is about so much more than just consuming food. We sat down to try to come up with something entirely new as entrepreneurs in our fifties. The outcome was Food Camp Finland, a premium operator in catering, food events, consulting and training services,” Riikka Kannas explains.

The foursome set about launching their business by first introducing a premium-level catering service, Olo Catering, which is a little sister to the Michelin-starred Olo restaurant.

“More and more people live to eat rather than eat to live. In addition to restaurants, people want culinary experiences in all kinds of environments, including their own living rooms. At Olo Catering, we are inspired by our customers’ wishes and passions. We want to create unforgettable eating experiences for life’s special occasions,” says Pekka Terävä.

Food Camp Finland produces three event concepts, which break barriers by combining culinary experiences with art and design. in April, Food Camp will be taking its Heritage concept to the Perinnepäivät folk traditions event at Rikalanmäki, Salo. In August, the Art event will be taking over the Gösta restaurant at the Serlachius Museum in Mänttä. In September, Food Camp will attend Helsinki Design Week with the Design event, introducing the internationally renowned designer Marije Vogelzang and her thought-provoking eating concept installations to Finnish audiences.

“The communal nature of food events attracts people. Through Food Camp Finland, we can spread the positive message of eating in different ways and reach more people. We are also about to start a long-term cooperation with Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences. As our first step, we have set up the office and kitchen for our new business at the Haaga campus,” says Riikka Kannas.

Pekka Terävä
Pekka Terävä is a Finnish restaurateur who is best known for his work at Olo and Emo restaurants. Olo received its first Michelin star in 2011. Terävä trained as a chef at the Suomen Joutsen catering college, graduating in 1987.

He worked his way through various roles in the kitchens of different restaurants,
winning the Chef of the Year accolade in 1995. He has had great success in a number of international chef competitions both solo and as a member of the Finnish national team.

Riikka Kannas
Riikka Kannas is a multi-talent in the events industry. In 2013, she launched Fat Rabbit, a project agency specialising in event communications and sponsorships with Ani Ruuskanen. Before that, Riikka worked as a business and sales director at Eastway.

Ani Ruuskanen
Another events industry veteran, Ani Ruuskanen, specialises in event planning and concepts. Before co-founding Fat Rabbit, Ani worked as a production director and planner at Eastway.

Petri Lukkarinen
Petri Lukkarinen is a veteran restaurateur and alumnus of Haaga-Helia. He is a co-owner of the Olo restaurant, Gastrobar Emo, the Gösta restaurant, Bar Favela and Pub Heinähattu.


Further information:
Riikka Kannas, managing director
Food Camp Finland
tel. +358 (0)40 354 6331





Kids designed the dishware and chefs created the menu

What happens when kids get to design the dishware and the top chefs the menu? At least ten creative combinations, the CHIL-DISH project proves.

Children are the designers and chefs of the future. Why do they not, therefore, get a chance to implement their imaginative ideas already? The CHIL-DISH project decided to give them that chance.

The project began last autumn during Helsinki Design Week’s Children’s Weekend. Children were invited to draw “the world’s finest dishware” on the project created by Anna van der Lei and Kristos Mavrostomos. Ten drawings were selected from about 300 drawings and modeled as 3D-three-dimensional computer versions. These models were sent to the 3D printing service Shapeways in New York where they were printed.

“The biggest challenge was to interpret the children’s drawing and turn it into a functional and printable object without losing sight of the original idea,” says Kristos Mavrostomos.

Foodcamp Finland Oy 20160312 Helsinki. Kauppahalli ja ravintola OLO. huippukokit ja lapset kokkaavat lasten suunnitelemille ja 3D tulostetuille astioille.

The project combining imagination, modern technology, design and food culminated in the restaurant Olo on Saturday 12 March. Ten kids took over the Michelin-starred restaurant and worked as a pair with ten Finnish chefs. Together they cooked a meal that was served on a dishware the kid has designed. Kids saw their own work for the first time in the event.

Original drafts were drawn at the Helsinki Design Week last September and turned into unique pieces like a house-looking carafe and a mug with massive ears.

”Children should be taught already at the early stage of technology and high-qualified and local food without ruining their rich imagination. And the children’s way of thinking without rules, labels and habits are something that adults could learn and get inspiration from”, Anna van der Lei says.

The cooking session was organized by Food Camp Finland and the chefs were Pekka Terävä (Olo Catering), Jari Vesivalo (restaurant Olo), Risto Mikkola (HK-Scan), Eero Vottonen (Bocuse d’Or Finland representative 2015-2017), Miikka Manninen (Bocuse d’Or -assistant) Ilja Bjors (restaurant Juuri), Ilkka Lääveri (restaurant Emo), Jarmo Laitinen (restaurant Gagu), Sasu Laukkonen (restaurant Chef & Sommelier) and Mikko Kaukonen (Olo Catering).

Foodcamp Finland Oy 20160312 Helsinki. Kauppahalli ja ravintola OLO. huippukokit ja lapset kokkaavat lasten suunnitelemille ja 3D tulostetuille astioille.

Foodcamp Finland Oy 20160312 Helsinki. Kauppahalli ja ravintola OLO. huippukokit ja lapset kokkaavat lasten suunnitelemille ja 3D tulostetuille astioille.
Foodcamp Finland Oy 20160312 Helsinki. Kauppahalli ja ravintola OLO. huippukokit ja lapset kokkaavat lasten suunnitelemille ja 3D tulostetuille astioille.

Foodcamp Finland Oy 20160312 Helsinki. Kauppahalli ja ravintola OLO. huippukokit ja lapset kokkaavat lasten suunnitelemille ja 3D tulostetuille astioille.