Be inspired by delicious Prosecco cocktails


In cooperation with Food Camp and Pernod Ricard

Did you know that Italy is the third most popular sparkling wine country in Finland after Spain and France? The reason behind that is the Prosecco trend that has landed with force in Finland. Last year, Italian sparkling wine sales grew by over 20 per cent in Alko, and the leading one is Italy’s best-selling Prosecco, Zonin.

Prosecco is tasty on its own, but also adds a touch of sparkling flavour to many cocktails, such as the trendy Spritz Veneziano:

Ice cubes
4 cl Aperol
12 cl Zonin Prosecco
4 cl soda water
Orange slice

Fill a glass with ice; add Aperol, Prosecco and soda water. Mix well. Decorate with a fresh slice of orange.

You will find this and other inspiring cocktail ideas on our cooperation partner Pernod Ricard Finland’s website.